Shutter Install Done Right

If you are receiving a quote for shutters that is too good to be true, trust your instincts.  You may pay less now but you will pay a lot more later.

There are four key factors to consider when selecting shutters:

1) Material

2) Engineering

3) Design

4) Installation

All our shutters use the highest grade material with no recycled components and provide the longest warrantee in the business Lifetime or 25 years.  They are engineered to withstand constant use with no warping, unhinging, sagging, discolouration.  With a lot of design choices for panels, louvers and frames – there is bound to be a solution to meet the needs of your window.  Finally we take the time to do detailed measurements and specification so that the product fits each window perfectly and then use only the most experience installers in the industry so that no damage will happen to your window or wall which may result in water damage from exterior rain and snow.

Here’s some photos of a recent customer shutter install:




Come visit our store.  We carry many brands of shutters and have over 200 product displays in store.

Paul Siu
Trendy Blinds Inc.
Store: 905-604-1222
Blinds | Shades | Drapes | Shutters
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