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Over 300 products on display in our 2 showrooms including drapery, roman shades, blinds, roller shades, closet organizers, shutters, drapery hardware, wallpaper and more.

See photos below of our newest Showroom at IMPROVE Canada, 7250 Keele St, Vaughan.  Currently opened Saturday and Sunday.  Other days by appointment.  Call 905-604-1222.  Or visit our Markham showroom at 30 South Unionville Ave, Unit 1021 – opened Tuesdays to Saturday.

As a consumer, I am always grateful for the fact that there are high quality products and selection available at independent retailers.  If everyone just wanted the cheapest thing, we would be left with dollar stores and Wal-Mart.

At Trendy Blinds, our mission has been to offer high-quality and unique selection of window coverings at Value Price.  In addition, over a year ago we launched our Trendy Closet division and started offering Closet Organizers as our customers were also looking for a high quality custom closet solution without the high price of custom closets.

We are particular excited about our newest showroom at  IMPROVE Canada as we can more fully showcase our full line of product offerings from or Window Coverings and Closet Organizer divisions.  Do take the time out to come a see in person.  It will be worth your time.



Importance of Natural Light and how Window Coverings Makes the Difference

Blinds, Shades and Drapery is not just about “Covering” your windows – it can have a big impact on your mental health, productivity and well-being

Numerous studies have already proven the direct correlation between natural light and a person mental well-being and productivity.  Therefore, window coverings, Blinds, Shades, Drapery and Shutters, should never be an afterthought in any home renovation project.  It not about “just covering your windows”.  With that mindset, one would gravitate toward the lowest common denominator (i.e. lowest price), resulting in selecting products that are difficult to operate (therefore you just leave it in one setting), do not protect your floor and furnishings from harmful UV, and limits the benefits of natural light and preserving outside views.

At Trendy Blinds & Closets, we conduct a quick need assessment when you come to our showroom and then recommend different products to suit your needs and budget. Put in at least 20-30 minutes of your time during your first visit to our showrooms and then end results for your home windows will be something you will enjoy using and looking at for many years to come.

Visit Trendy Blinds & Closets – 2 Showrooms to serve you!

Markham: Langham Square Mall, 30 South Unionville Ave, Unit 1021

Vaughan: IMPROVE CANADA, 7250 Keele St, Unit 200 & 201

Call 905-604-1222


Triple Shades or Sheer Shades allows you to take advantage of daylight and preserves views while greatly reducing UV and maintaining privacy



Combi shades or Zebra Shades allow 3 level of light settings 1) Open, 2) Closed and 3) Rolled Up.  It filters light, maintain privacy, allows view of outside and are very simple and quick to operate – allow up to adjust your blinds multiple times throughout the day as your daylighting, and privacy needs change.


Just met Bollywood Mega Star!

Here’s a friendly photo I took with Bollywood movie mega star Gulshan Grover Sizzle here at IMPROVE.  He was here today visit Trendy Blinds & Closets Showroom as well as other showrooms.


visit Trendy Blinds and Closets!

7250 Keele St, Unit 200 & 201, Vaughan

or 30 South Unionville Ave, Suite 1021, Markham

Call: 905-604-1222

Are you a Price Shopper or a Smart Shopper?

Are you a Price Shopper or a Smart Shopper?

What’s the difference – isn’t getting the lowest price smart?


Media Room: Silhouette Shades and Drapes

When a customer comes into our showroom with a clear intent in seeking the lowest price vendor for their window covering needs, I make sure to ask him what type of product he is interested in and whether he has done research into understand what is the right solution for his windows.  Instead of letting price determine the blind, shade or drape you use for your window, you should think first about what important functions it must serve for the room – its it light control, preserving views while maintaining privacy, enhancing the visual height or width of the room?, etc.  With that information, we can recommend the right products and present options in terms of good, better, best from a price, feature and style perspective.

Even in cases where the property is an investment with plans to rent out, you should ask what is the quality of the tenant you want to attract and how soon do you want to rent out the property.  Renting out 2 weeks earlier due to making the place look nicer and more functional/livable, would earn you more than enough money from rent to cover the extra cost for choosing something nicer for your windows.  And eventually, when you plan to sell the property, it may fetch a higher price and attract more potential buyers.


Remember, if you shop for blinds, shades, shutters and drapery like a commodity ($ per square foot), you will end up with terrible results and most likely extra expenditure 1-2 years down the road to replace the junk you put on the window.


If you spend the time and let us explain and present products and solutions, you will end up with completely transformed windows and spaces that you will enjoy using on a daily basis at a value-price.

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