Best Shopping Savings Tip: Buy Once, Buy Right

With the kickoff to Black Friday and the start of the holiday shopping season, here’s a tip I learned to help you in your purchasing decisions: “Buy Once, Buy Right“.

What I have learned through years of holiday shopping and also as a retailer, is that to ensure 100% satisfaction with your purchase, it is important to first focus on quality.  The product needs to serve its intended purpose well and last long to lower the total cost of ownership.  Second, seek true value. What this means, is that while well known quality brands might help identify quality products, are you paying a premium price for that brand?  Or are you getting a good discount and good service for that purchase?  Alternatively, does the store offer similar quality products (but not famous brands) at a much better price?  For window coverings (blinds, drapes, curtains, shutters), you must also factoring in the service you will get in purchasing the products so that you get the right size, options and features, installation, and post-installation support.

Trendy Blinds is focus on selling top-quality products – both well-known brands and our own Trendy Blinds brand of products at a great value, which include expert advice and first-class dedicated service.

50% OFF Sale Deal for December

For December to further help you make the right purchasing decision, we are offering an unprecedented DEAL: 50% Off our industry-leading, globally patented, highest quality room-darkening combi blind — our Dual Combi Sun Shut product (with minimum purchase of 7 of these blinds.  Can specify different finishes for each).   This one time offer ends December 31st, 2015.

Baywindow-blackoutcombiblinds and drapes1.jpg.jpg


Window coverings can increase the value of your business and drive more customers.

Expense versus Investment – blinds and shade can make the difference for retail & commercial businesses:

This Japanese sushi restaurant in the Greater Toronto Area needed to upgrade the look of the space as it now appears old and worn out.  However, the owners wanted a solution that provides the biggest impact for the least cost as they might want to sell the business in a couple years and retire.

The restaurant windows use to have some worn out traditional wood frame with paper screen panels to reduce the glare from the direct sunlight shining in the window in the afternoon and early evenings.  However, the look inside as well as outside was sombre and boring.

Trendy Blinds created 3 custom graphics printed roller screens that served 3 purposes: 1) Reduce direct sunlight glare, 2) Provide street level bold advertising, and 3) elevate the interior look and atmosphere.  

The custom print rollers blinds exceeded expectations and the restaurant saw measurable increase in customers.  Many of these new customers have visited this plaza before but never paid attention to the restaurant until they notice the new custom graphic roller blinds.  The increase business have quickly paid back the cost of the blinds.  Blinds can be a much quicker, lower cost upgrade that does not require the business to close for renovations.

Trendy Blinds can offer custom window covering solutions for your business.  It’s time to start thinking of blinds as a business investment instead of just an expense.

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Another Happy Commercial Customer

ImageThis medical clinic client in Markham has floor to ceiling windows facing West.  Dealing with the harsh sunlight was a key priority but must be done at a low price with no disruption to their normal operations.  Furthermore, the glass door in photo above is used for 2 hours a day in the morning before being locked up, while a second door is used as the main entrance for the rest of the day.

Trendy Blinds provided free consultation and recommendation and the whole job was completed and installed for an unbeatable price of $600.  Installation took just 20 minutes while the clinic continue to run normally.  Two rollers on the windows and a coordinating pleated shade for the door was use.

Both the interior and exterior has a very clean, professional look and the white shades provided an excellent background for the signs on the outside window.  See photo of clinic from the outside below:


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