Best Shopping Savings Tip: Buy Once, Buy Right

With the kickoff to Black Friday and the start of the holiday shopping season, here’s a tip I learned to help you in your purchasing decisions: “Buy Once, Buy Right“.

What I have learned through years of holiday shopping and also as a retailer, is that to ensure 100% satisfaction with your purchase, it is important to first focus on quality.  The product needs to serve its intended purpose well and last long to lower the total cost of ownership.  Second, seek true value. What this means, is that while well known quality brands might help identify quality products, are you paying a premium price for that brand?  Or are you getting a good discount and good service for that purchase?  Alternatively, does the store offer similar quality products (but not famous brands) at a much better price?  For window coverings (blinds, drapes, curtains, shutters), you must also factoring in the service you will get in purchasing the products so that you get the right size, options and features, installation, and post-installation support.

Trendy Blinds is focus on selling top-quality products – both well-known brands and our own Trendy Blinds brand of products at a great value, which include expert advice and first-class dedicated service.

50% OFF Sale Deal for December

For December to further help you make the right purchasing decision, we are offering an unprecedented DEAL: 50% Off our industry-leading, globally patented, highest quality room-darkening combi blind — our Dual Combi Sun Shut product (with minimum purchase of 7 of these blinds.  Can specify different finishes for each).   This one time offer ends December 31st, 2015.

Baywindow-blackoutcombiblinds and drapes1.jpg.jpg


Modern Wave Drapes and Sheers for Condos

Today’s modern condos in Toronto typically have large windows that almost cover the entire wall. There is an opportunity to rethink the window covering choices as potentially the cost of adding nice drapes becomes not much more than blinds.  To create that modern clean look, Trendy Blinds uses our exclusive Modern Wave system for the drapes to create that evenly spaced ripple when closed and allow for tighter stack back when open.  For the Living Room, sheers or lightweight drapery can be used to take advantage of the natural light, while providing essential UV-reduction.

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Introducing the Modern Wave

This versatile modern drapery system has been proven a hit among our customers.  It combines the best elements of drapery – unlimited fabric and finish selection, softer look, etc – with the structure and simple operation of vertical blind systems.  Also available in double track system, cord operation, and centre split.  Can also combine with a screen shade to offer the maximum range of light control, daytime and nighttime privacy and outside viewing.

See below a couple of samples of our recent customer installs.

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Blinds with Drapes Side Panels – the look of 2014 for Large Windows

To create a complete the look to your large windows, add side panel drapes in addition to the blinds.  The combination of blinds and drapes will transform the look of your window and room.

Below is a recent install using blinds and drapes side panels.  Visit Trendy Blinds today and explore blinds and drapes combinations that will transform the look of your home.

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Take advantage of our Blinds and Drapes Combo Deal Now!

Some of our customers have already taken advantage of our Winter Sale: Blinds and Drapes Combo Deal – buy 3 blinds get $100 credit towards a pair of drapes.  Check our Sales webpage for more info or call us.

Check out a photo from one happy customer of several that have already took advantage of the deal:


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