Window Coverings for high-rise Condos do not have to be boring

Our Trendy Blinds client decided to add a more interesting and trendy touch to their condo windows when the downsized from a house to their condo penthouse unit.

For the kitchen and master bedroom they decided to use our sleek, flat fabric dual combi blind system that can be adjusted to open and shut for outside viewing or privacy.  Semi-opaque fabric choice allows filtered light in to provide a comfortable glowing ambience during the day and give visual privacy at night.



For their grown up daughter’s room they chose our pleated combi II product with a semi-opaque metallic white fabric that matches well with the mirror lighting in this room and gives a subtle “bling, bling” look for her to impress her friends.Image

For the living room, the inspired choice of selecting our Lindsay style semi-custom drapery in satin lining gave a warmer yet formal feel to the room without the heavy look of blackout drapery.  Daytime sunlight can softly filter into the room.